Volume I
Autumn, 1911
(First Year, First Term)

Chapter 1: First Day Mysteries
In which we meet our hero, Winston Coward, and sundry other entities.

Chapter 2: Dreams in Which House?
In which Winston visits a realm both quite near and impossibly far away.

Chapter 3: Invitation to the Dance
In which Winston and Ernest are courted by a fraternity.

Chapter 4: Sleepwalking Through Class
In which Winston learns the consequences of a bad night’s sleep.

Chapter 5: The Test of Courage
Being the first test Winston must pass to join a fraternity.

Chapter 6: The Test of Ingenuity (Part 1)
Being the second test Winston must pass to join a fraternity.

Chapter 7: The Test of Ingenuity (Part 2)
In which the test is fraught with complications.

Chapter 8: The Test of Loyalty
Being the third test Winston must pass to join a fraternity.

Chapter 9: Ends and Frenemies
In which Winston learns that not all those who are trusted should be.

Chapter 10: Ulthar’s Emissary
Where a cat comes back.

Chapter 11: Angling
In which allies angle to enlist Winston against things from other angles.

Chapter 12: Hounded
In which a Hound of Tindalos revisits the campus, to deleterious effect.

Chapter 13: Out Of It
In which Winston makes up for lost time.

Chapter 14: Good Night Ladies
In which female students of Miskatonic U defend their place of learning.

Chapter 15: A Dangerous Thing
In which Winston discovers a little knowledge in the library.

Chapter 16: Under The Influence
In which our heroes and villains both waive their full consciousness.

Chapter 17:  Out of Time
In which characters we have never met become familiar.

Chapter 18:  Final Exams
In which Winston is tested in everything he has learned this term.

Volume 2
Spring, 1912
(First Year, Second Term)

Chapter 1: Winter Break
In which is explored a time between times, and how our heroes fared then.

Chapter 2: Fear and Loathing
An assessment of mental states in the wake of recent unpleasantness.

Chapter 3: Honorable Mentions
In which Winston makes good use of his good grades.

Chapter 4: By Special Derangement
In which we check up on a good friend in a bad way.

Chapter 5: Case of Emergency
Where an occult investigation becomes an extracurricular activity.

Chapter 6: The Impertinence of Being Ernest
In which Yithro explores the human condition from a new perspective.

Chapter 7: Off Base
In which several prominent members of the University vanish under perfectly ordinary circumstances.

Chapter 8: The Siege of Room 102
Proof of the futility of entering battle with a cat.

Chapter 9: An Off Week
In which Spring is irreparably broken.

Chapter 10: Inorganic Chemistry
Exploring the side effects when incompatible compounds are combined.

Chapter 11: Broken or Fixed
In which we consider the status quo of certain systemic norms.

Chapter 12: Deep Thoughts
In which a native of Innsmouth contemplates the past and the future.

Chapter 13: Pyramid Scheme
Evidence in support of multi-level management structure as cult behavior.

Chapter 14: Dark Night of the Soul
What remains when every light goes out.

Chapter 15: Swap Meet
A series of overdue exchanges.

Chapter 16: Third Class Citizen
In which a desperate mission is met with an immediate series of hurdles.

Chapter 17: A Night To Remember
In which we pay respects at a time travel pilgrimage site.

Chapter 18: Loose Ends
Several endings, none of them satisfying.