Welcome to Miskatonic U, a webcomic set at H.P. Lovecraft‘s fictional Miskatonic University! Here, students learn how to survive life and social interaction—that is, when they are not haunted by otherworldly beings!
Winston Coward

Our intrepid hero, Winston Coward. #whatsinaname

It’s the story of Winston Coward, a panphobic freshman (Class of 1915) who worries about every mundane aspect of college: classes, learning to socialize, surviving hazing rituals.
But Winston has no clue how much he actually has to worry about, because as many fans of H.P. Lovecraft know, Miskatonic University is home to forbidden books of arcane lore about (and therefore potential interdimensional gateways for) blasphemous gods and otherworldly beings. It’s kind of like living on a Hellmouth, except there’s no Buffy.
Yithro Gnibbu-F'tathla

A student of the human race, Yithro Gnibbu F’tathla

What Lovecraft fans may not know is that Miskatonic University’s campus extends into additional dimensions and is a place of learning for young members of the Great Race of Yith, a race so inquisitive about the nature of the cosmos that throughout time and space they swap minds with the lesser races they study. So there’s that.
Lots more colorful (though technically black and white) characters populate Winston’s Miskatonic University, including his friend Ernest Hazard, his roommate Kurt Fink, the lovely Lilliana Marsh, and Yithro’s shoggoth servitor Shog. Read more about all of them on our Who’s Who page.
Alex Bradley self portrait

A drawing of the artist, Alex Bradley. (Yep, this is a drawing.)

Miskatonic U is created by me, Alex Bradley, a writer, illustrator, and animator with an unhealthy fixation on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. I have nearly 20 years of experience as illustrator and multimedia designer, doing visual effects for shows such as Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. I founded an independent video and animation production studio in the Washington DC area before facing my fears and relocating to Los Angeles, California, to pursue animation and visual effects. Support me on Patreon, and you’ll have access to cool behind the scenes stuff!
I started Miskatonic U in August 2012, only two months after I moved to Los Angeles. Volume 1, which covers Winston’s first semester at college in the Autumn of 1911, finished on December 21, 2015, after some 347 comics! It’s now available in print, as well as here on misk-u.com. Volume 2, Winston’s spring semester 1912, is currently being told.
Miskatonic U is mainly Lovecraftian comedy, but deep down it is really about facing fears. The everyday little fears that, if allowed to accumulate unchecked, will add up to missing out on life.
I hope you find Miskatonic U insightful, mind-bending, and of course, funny.