Hello loyal readers whom I have left swinging for like, two and a half years!

I’d like to say so much has happened since I last published a comic, but the sad truth is that it has just been a whole lot of one thing, holding down a job. I finally got tired of all that work on someone else’s stories, however creative it has been (and there have been fun times, don’t get me wrong).

But here I am, meandering closer to 50 and still very far from telling all the stories I’ve been gathering over my lifetime.  So I am taking a break from work to focus on making new stuff of my own. In case you missed it, I have a Patreon that goes into detail about all the other projects I have big plans for. And I have finally assembled the olde tyme print version of Miskatonic U: Volume 1, now available on Amazon!

But you’re here for NEW Miskatonic U! So without further ado, I present Volume 2!