I thought I posted about starting Miskatonic U again some time this year. Turns out it was LAST OCTOBER!  That’s embarrassing.  Then I think I tweeted about a book coming out in March.  Everything takes longer than I think it will, but this time I mean it!

I am close to approving proofs for the print book of Miskatonic U, Volume 1: The Thing About Campus. As soon as it is available, you will be the first to know. I have a rough outline for Volume 2 and I’m just getting a few ducks in a row before launching NEW COMICS RIGHT HERE!!

One of those ducks is a Patreon page, which is maybe the surest evidence that I am serious about continuing this comic long-term.  But I’ll save my Patreon pitch for when that goes live.

I hope this post restores your faith in me that I have MORE STORIES FOR YOU!