If I learned anything from Lovecraft or the horror genre in general, it’s that a little experimentation never hurt anyone!

OK, so I have learned nothing.

I’m posting to say I will be fiddling with this site in search of a new plug-in/theme combination for WordPress that will fix a long-standing issue I’ve had, where actual e-mail subscribers do not receive automatic emails when I post a new comic.  That doesn’t make any sense, and I’ve poked at the problem now and then for years, waiting for a solution to land in my lap.

Also, the site is getting sooooper slow and I don’t like that either. It seems to think I’m not using the latest version of PHP, when I am. If you understood that sentence, good on you.

It looks like the solution is to replace Comic Easel with a new plug-in–I’m thinking Webcomic— which may also require finding a new theme if my current one is incompatible. I’m going to try to do this without disrupting everything that’s up right now… but I am not a WordPress master by any stretch. (In fact, if you have WordPress, PHP, theme, or plug-in related advice, please chime in with a comment or contact me by email.)

I just want to put comics up and have people see them!

Anyway, forgive me if things get wonky for a while. If my experiments don’t improve matters, I’ll revert to the current status quo.

Right? That works for mad scientists all the time!