The Good News Bad News Game

As I prepare to attend the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro this year, Miskatonic U is on my mind.

First the bad news… from a certain point of view (shut up Ben). It’s been a month at least since I’ve posted a comic, because I am holding down two jobs.

There’s my full time day job as a motion graphics designer, building maps for the show 100 Miles From Nowhere on Animal Planet. Which is great! I love working on the show.

Then there’s my full time night job animating a series called Gen Zed, which I do because I have realized that traditional animation is my favorite thing ever. And Miskatonic U is destined to be animated someday.

This situation isn’t changing for the near future.

Now the good news. I will continue Miskatonic U starting back on Monday May 11.

BUT… while my overloaded schedule continues or I can delegate enough work to get some time back, I will only be posting once a week. I hate to cut down on output this way, but I also hate not being able to finish the story I began almost three (!!) years ago. We’re so close to the end of this storyline, truly!

I have so much planned for Winston and friends, and this project is near and dear to me. I want to keep sharing that with you all, and for now this is the best way for me to keep doing that.

Thank you for your understanding, enthusiasm and loyalty! I hope to make it worth your while.