This comic was created over a week ago, fresh after the attacks in Paris and Kenya. So the title has an unexpected layer of meaning. It really had nothing to do with current events when I came up with it, but it is a sentiment that more and more is becoming a mission of mine. There’s too much darkness out there, in the real world and in entertainment right now. That’s part of why this comic is intended to be funny despite its origins in Lovecraftian horror. I actively want to counter Lovecraft’s belief that we live in an uncaring cosmos. If that’s true, all the more reason to defy the cosmos and care more than we need to.

In unrelated news, this is my first comic created on a Surface Book. It takes some getting used to! I found out just how much I rely on keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop when I don’t have the keyboard attached, but I can’t really do the drawing directly on the screen part with the keyboard there. So, it’s still a little awkward for now. I’ll get used to it.

Now I have no excuse not to get these done, even though I am away from home on Thanksgiving vacation!