Hello, loyal followers!

I hate to have to do this to you all, but Miskatonic U has to take another, somewhat longer, break.

I believe I mentioned that I was running a Kickstarter for an animation project. Well, the fundraiser was successful, so now I am working on the animated video. It is quite complicated, and I have a very limited amount of time to work on it, so I have had to adjust priorities.

There is also the vexing issue of e-mail subscriptions not working properly with WordPress or Comic Easel or Jetpack or wherever the problem lies. So I may have to migrate this whole comic to another hosting service. I haven’t worked that out yet.

The good news is there is much more to the Miskatonic U story, and I am nowhere near done with it! It just may be a few weeks before you get to see it continue. At least Winston can take some comfort that the most recent strip doesn’t leave him fearing for his life, for a change.

Thanks for coming with me this far, and stay tuned for my return!

Best wishes,
Alex Bradley