Hello, loyal readers!

I hope you’ll forgive me… I try not to make too many demands on you, except to ENJOY WHAT I POST. That’s required. Well…suggested.

But now I am Kickstarting an animation project to boost my future career as an animator. I will hopefully be creating a music video in the style of classic Disney animation celebrating Jonathan Coulton and his Crazy Cruises.

“Well, what does that have to do with me?” you may ask (assuming you are sadly unfamiliar with either JoCo or the amazing “con on a boat”). Well, as emotionally rewarding and fun writing and drawing this comic is (and it really is) my hope is to make it even more exciting and translate this story into talking moving pictures some day.

I am making progress in my career as an animator, more every day. But I still try to stretch myself and make new cool things to get the attention of people who may someday hire me to animate for actual in fact money. So what this Kickstarter is really about is furthering my career as a traditional animator so that I can devote myself more fully to making an animated Miskatonic U happen.

The upshot is… please take a look at the Kickstarter and make a pledge, any pledge. And then tell your friends to help out too. And then you will get an animated Miskatonic U movie much much sooner!

Your humble servant,